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Floor Installation Spokane Valley

All Floors installation team have the resources to complete any project in a timely manner, and they all strive to deliver the highest quality service and installation.

Our installers are trained and qualified to be the best in the industry. We can ensure that our installers meet or exceed the highest installation standards in the flooring community. Through associations, manufacturers, and research, are all trained in proper technique and best practices for what they install. Many of our installers specialize in complex installations of multiple surfaces.

Carpet, Carpet Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Sheet Vinyl Cove, LVT, Rubber Flooring, Hardwood, VCT.

Carpet Flooring Spokane Valley

All Floors can handle your floor demolition work regardless of the size.

Whether carpet, tile, VCT, or glue removal we have the machines, techniques and expertise to get the job done. We will be happy to quote your demo even if we are not going to be installing your new finishes.

With our ride on demolition machine, diamond grinders and shot blasters we can remove almost any existing finish and prepare the floor for your new look.

Floor Repair Spokane Valley

All Floors company specialize in resolving moisture related flooring problems associated with wet concrete slabs. If the Relative Humidity testing indicates that the slab still hasn’t dried out, we can apply a moisture vapor control product that will allow you to install your floor covering immediately. If you have a moisture related problem with an existing slab, we can remediate the situation and guarantee that the problem has been resolved.

Floor Blisters? Mold? Mildew? Tile Cupping? Unpleasant Odor? Discoloration? Let us eliminate these conditions for you.

Carpet Flooring Spokane Valley

Carpet Flooring Spokane Valley

Whenever you need to repair, smooth, or raise a floor, self-leveling concrete can be a fast, cost-effective solution to the problem.

Self-leveling concrete is a cementitious mixture much like concrete. But unlike concrete, it flows easier and sets up much faster. The product is mixed with water, pumped or poured into place and spread evenly with a gauge rake.

Once it’s spread out, it continues to flow evenly and levels itself out. Depending on the product, it may set up smooth and flat within 1-2 hours. In about 6 hours, it may be completely hardened and ready for use, depending on the flooring material being installed on top. Self-leveling concrete can be used as an underlayment for tile, carpet, or other floor coverings.

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A Beautifully Smooth Solution for Covering Old Flooring

Breathe new life into your floors with a thin resurfacing product designed to withstand a range of high-traffic and industrial conditions. Whether you’re looking to add a decorative finish or need a durable solution for your existing space, EnduraFlake is strong and versatile enough to meet your needs. Made of high-quality industrial strength epoxy and acrylic chips, it is a not only a practical choice, but a beautiful option for covering your existing concrete interior floors.

Decorative & Affordable

EnduraFlake offers flexibility in creating impressive floorspace, without the added costs of having to replace existing structures. With color options that can be customized to fit your needs and high-end, glossy finishes, EnduraFlake is a smart choice for updating your floor.

Tough & Resilient EnduraFlake provides a seamless surface that is resistant to chemicals the effects of everyday wear and tear. With a strong top coat and a smooth finish, EnduraFlake gives you the durability you need without compromising the style you want.